Knowledge & Writing With Passion

Ok, I’m secure enough to admit this, I don’t know everything.  Utterly shocking, I know.  I feel that the older I get the less I know, which you would think would be the opposite.  What I may lack in knowledge I think I make up with passion.  I don’t think I have to know everything to be a writer.  I think knowing everything takes the fun out of research (uh huh, you read that right I’m one of those geeks).  Discovering what it would be like to be a motivational speaker, a kid with weight issues or a stripper is part of development for my scripts/novel.  And, yeah, research is fun especially when you’re surrounded by strippers.

So, we’ve established that I don’t know everything, but that I have passion.  And how far does passion get you?  Well, I have written a lot of scripts, had a lot of short films produced, and I’m rewriting my second book, so I guess passion fuels my work.  But when does passion fail?  I think passion fails when you don’t do the legwork and refuse to gain knowledge (research, interviews, etc.).  I’ve found that when I was a T.A. in grad school and, later, as a Reader for a production company that a lot of the scripts that I read failed due to a lack of knowledge and lazy research.

The thing is that the reverse can happen, too.  I can’t tell you how many ideas I’ve thrown down on paper only to realize that I may have accrued the knowledge, but that I didn’t have passion to continue the story beyond an idea.  And that’s okay.  Personally, I learn more with my failures than my successes.



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