In The Dark
What happens when your past catches up to you?  When a biochemist is seized from her home and forced to steal the formula of a breakthrough drug from the lab where she works, her young daughter investigates and uncovers her mother’s dubious past connection to the abductor.

The Hunter
Tough-as-nails Sheriff Abby Brand lives in the rural Midwest where her relationship with her younger brother, Cain, conflicts with a current murder investigation.  When the small town begins to suspect Cain and the evidence agrees, Abby must confront her brother and their troubled past.

Reinventing Julian Carpenter
A self-absorbed motivational speaker is on the verge of losing his ability to speak discovers that through the loss of his voice he becomes a better man to his family and those around him.

Dead Man’s Lodge
On their last day of winter break, three college students ski out of bounds only to fall into the hands of a madman who holds them captive.  And only one of them knows that they are pawns in a far larger game.  Who will survive the horrors of Dead Man’s Lodge?

Falling In & Out
In the midst of trying to save his 15-year relationship with his partner, a neurotic man attempts to balance the sudden appearance of his globetrotting sister and his horrible office job only to discover that he can’t prevent the downward spiral of his life when his womanizing best gal pal begins dating his younger sister.

A coming of age story about a bullied over weight teenager who crushes on one of her guy friends learns that the love and approval she was seeking was inside of herself all along.

The Match Up
Romantic Comedy/Sport
A struggling hockey player is forced to deal with unresolved issues when his ex-wife returns to Chicago and is hired to be his Life Coach.

Fully Cooked & Ready to Eat
Mystery/Romanic Comedy
A quirky receptionist bands together with a Chinese food deliveryman only to fall head over heels with one another as they search for her missing boss who has been kidnapped by the head of a frozen food company.


Here are a few facts:

Cheesehead – I’m a Wisconsin expat
Sometimes I’m a nut – performed stand-up in and around L.A.
Death defying acts are awesome – I was a ski instructor at Keystone Ski Resort
Cowboy boots are classy – I like to think I’m fancy when I wear them


  • 20th Annual International Family Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, Finalist, 2015
  • 15th Annual Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival, Top 45 Placement, 2014
  • 27th WriteMovies Writing Contest, Semi-Finalist, 2010
  • 6th Annual FirstGlance Screenwriting Competition, Semi-Finalist, 2010
  • Placed Top 10% in Academy Nicholl Fellowship In Screenwriting, 2009

For more information, I can be found at


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